Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gone, Gone, Gone.

I was just searching through some old posts on this site, trying to figure out how I made my KSO's fit so well after buying a new pair of KSO Trek Multi-Sport VFF's. I find the fit to be quite a bit different with the re-designed heel pocket. It's cushioned, so there's a little more play in them than the KSO's.

I did like running in them. Very grippy on the dirt trails that snake through my little run between my Tarrytown hotel and Irvington.

It is not lost on me that I haven't posted all winter.

It's been a blur of work, travel, new things, new people...and not a whole lot of running or anything really to report that will keep anyone interested for any length of time. I am not as interested in keeping every aspect of my fitness or lack thereof completely public.

But...I do realize that when I was keeping this up, that I was more consistent in doing the training thing, which led me to question my motives for starting this in the first place. Why do any of us pursue what we pursue? Why do we make it public? What makes us keep it up? What makes us stop?

Ah, fuckit. No combination of keeping this up to date or tweeting runs is going to motivate me. That comes from within. Need to find the true reason to do it besides "everyone else does."

I was in NY all week last week, got out one evening to run, then weight workouts every morning. Nothing really consistent, I seem to run now to blow off steam more than have a goal in mind. That suits me pretty well. Turn the dial on my chronograph to start, go out as far as I like then go back.

No math. No calculations on calories burned. No steadily increasing effort in pursuit of some goal. I'm more interested in doing for the doing's sake.

I still find great joy in running. I still find great joy in being outdoors. I still find great joy in minimalist footwear. I don't find great joy in taking it to the obsessive level I did before. When everything was out of whack and all I talked about was training, arguing about shoes for Christ's sake.

I ain't going to win any races anytime soon. I was probably never really in contention to do it anyhow. But I will keep enjoying this. Even if I never run in another organized event, there's still the inner journey. The new experiences. Pushing yourself and finding out who you are. Balance.

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RunBare said...

When no one was doing the barefoot thing, it was easy to be zealous. now the need is not so great? at least thats how i feel. I have been working like a maniac too, up to 70hours a week in a physical job. so running is non existant. i want to start again, but just choose 1 or 2 races to do next year, for fun and stuff. Good to know you're hanging in there Keith :)