Friday, September 10, 2010

Las Vegas

I am headed to Las Vegas this evening. The glimmer and allure of supposed debauchery has worn its course on me through repeated visits. Now when I go - all I want to do is work, then make sure that I have time for an early morning run up and down the strip.

It's always fun to see the odd mix of people out at 6 am in Vegas. I'll be looking forward to my run tomorrow morning.

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Colin said...

Hey, I just re-discovered your blog. Glad to hear you're still running!

I was in Vegas for the first time this March ... can't say I particularly enjoyed it. Staying on the strip without a car I couldn't find a good place to run -- the strip was too crowded (early morning probably would be the time to try). The best I managed was a run to and around UNLV.

I'm sure there are some great trails and true mountain running in the area that would have been great, if I'd had transportation ...